About Us

South Cotabato Integrated Port Services Inc. (SCIPSI) is the sole cargo handling operator in one of Mindanao’s most modern seaports and a pillar in the region’s accelerated economic growth.

SCIPSI is the integration of the seven (7) former cargo-handling contractors at the Port of General Santos City namely:

  1. Dadiangas Arrastre Services, Inc.
  2. Delas Marias Brokerage, Inc.
  3. General Santos Terminal Co.
  4. Matutum Arrastre and Stevedoring Corp.
  5. Mindanao terminal Brokerage, Inc.
  6. Southern Mindanao Services Co.
  7. Velayo Brokerage, Inc.

This integration was brought about by virtue of a Customs Memorandum Order requiring all cargo handling operators to merge into one entity, thereby pooling all financial, manpower and technical resources and as a condition for granting of loans for the development of ports nationwide.

SCIPSI started its operations on September 1, 1975. It entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Bureau of Customs to exclusively provide cargo-handling services at Makar Wharf. In 1977, by virtue of P.D. 857, the Philippine Ports Authority took over from the Bureau of Customs the supervision of all ports.

In August 1999, International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) and Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI) acquired majority control of the company with a combined 71.4% of the shares of SCIPSI. Both are operating the Philippines’ most modern port facilities in the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT) and the Southern Harbor, respectively.